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August 26-30

Posted on: August 24, 2013


In reading, we are finishing up the reading assessments and will soon start guided reading. We are also learning essential reading strategies by using the idea of a signpost. When you come to a signpost, you read each post to see which direction you should go. In the same way, each reading signpost will tell us what direction our thoughts should take as we read. The first signpost we learned this week was “Contrasts and Contradictions”. This post teaches us that we need to pay close attention when a character says or does something that contradicts what he/she has been doing all along. When we notice these contrasts or contradictions, we learned that the main thing we need to ask ourselves is WHY they character would act this way? Each child is also practiced building their reading stamina and looking for contrasts and contradictions in their own books that they are reading.

In writing, we used the analogy of seeds and watermelons to help us zoom in on a topic. The children began to brainstorm some of their own watermelons and seeds that they could write about in their Seeds Journals. We also read Flip’s Fantastic Journal by Angelo DeCesare. The children really enjoyed this story about a dog named Flip that thought writing was boring ,because nothing ever happened to him, until he made up his own exciting story. The children filled in a large “I” with specific things about them.  We  are also reviewing the different types of nouns this week by looking at common, proper, singular, plural, and possessive nouns. Again, this part of speech should be a quick review for your child as they have been taught these nouns in previous grades.

In Social Studies, we continued to study economics by working on our planet projects. The students finished their maps and wrote a detailed paragraph description of their planets. The students were also given a budget of $1,000,000.00 to buy things needed for their planet to thrive.  This week, the students will work together to decide what was most important and deal with opportunity costs when they had to decide what to give up. We will continue our study of economics over the next two weeks.

In math, we are continuing to extend our knowledge of place value.  We will be comparing and ordering numbers.  Towards the end of the week, I will teach the students the Singapore Math Strategy to solve math problems.  The strategy gives a visual representation of numbers.


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