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Weekly Update: September 23-27

Posted on: September 20, 2013


Wednesday: The students will take the first weather quiz. The students will be responsible for knowing the different types of tools meteorologists use and the water cycle will make another appearance. The students have a graphic organizer that was completed in class that lists all of the tools meteorologists use.

Thursday: Quiz on verbs (action, helping, linking, and verb tenses)

Friday: I am hoping to finish our extended text, A Long Walk to Water. The students will fill out a study guide. We will take the test on Friday or early next week. Please check your child’s agenda. We will also have our weekly spelling test.

In the classroom this week:

We are finishing our extended text, A Long Walk to Water. We have truly enjoyed exploring the literary elements of character, setting, and theme in this wonderful book. I would highly recommend reading it with your child. In guided reading we will review and practice finding the main idea and supporting details.

We are continuing our study of verbs this week. We will be diving into verb tenses. The students are finishing their special person paragraph. I can’t wait for all of you to read their paragraphs to see who your child’s special person is! They are doing a great job!

We finished up adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers with regrouping. Next week we will begin multiplication and learn strategies to multiply single digit and double digit by single digit numbers. Please refer to your student’s math journal for examples when helping your student at home. We do not teach the algorithm yet, and it confuses them when we teach differently at home and school.

Science: In science this week, we learned about weather instruments and how they help meteorologists predict weather. We will be talking about how we can use air masses, cold fronts, and warm fronts to read a weather map.

Thank you for all of your support at home! Please email me with any questions or concerns.
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