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The Water Challenge Fundraiser

Posted on: September 27, 2013

Dear Parents,

We recently finished reading our first extended text, A Long Walk to Water. We read about the trials and tribulations of the Lost Boys of Sudan and the suffering they endured. As a way to take this beyond the text, the entire fourth grade is going to take part in our own water challenge! Your child is bringing a few things home today. First, they will be receiving a bracelet that promotes this fundraising project. There is also a parent letter, outlining the project, as well as a blue scorecard. The purpose of the scorecard is to keep track of the water challenge, which is a commitment to only drink water for two weeks and donate any money that would have been spent on other drinks to this organization. We have set up our own fundraising page to collect donations. The parent letter says that you will send the money in on “Collection Day”.  We will not be taking any money up at school, except for what we raise at the Bake Sale.  Please make all donations online.  These donations will be used to dig wells, just like the one built by Salva in Nya’s village! We are really excited about this way to give back for the inspirational story we read and hope you join us in our efforts at home! Below is a link to Salva’s story and how he started his own organization, as well as a link to our class fundraising page for donations!


Salva’s Story:


Our Class Fundraising Page:


So, what do we need you to do???

  1. Watch the video at home and make a plan to save and donate.
  2. Help your child keep track of the scorecard and record money saved from drinking water.
  3. Look out for Mrs. Siskey’s email (our Room Mom) for how you can help with our fourth grade Bake Sale on Friday, October 11.
  4. Once you have collected your money and decided on an amount to donate, click on our class fundraising page and donate! Our class goal is $500!



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