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Weekly Update: March 11-14

Posted on: March 7, 2014

Week of March 11th-14th

3/13 – American Revolution Test
3/13 – Study Island Challenge Sheet DUE
3/14 – spelling test

Please be aware that we have to make up 6 days of missed school due to inclement weather, so our pace is going to pick up and students will have to do more studying and reviewing of concepts and skills taught in class at home. There is a lot of information and not a lot of time to cover everything before we begin testing in April. Please, please, please utilize the blog, handouts brought home, and books to make sure your child is prepared for school the next day. Study Island is also part of our school’s “Tactical Plan” to make up the 6 days of missed school so please make sure your child is completing the assigned lessons every week by THURSDAY. It is imperative that they do well the first time they begin a session and NOT END SESSION until they have answered all 10 questions. If they do it will only grade the questions they have answered and factor that average in with any other sessions. This will make the lessons take longer to complete. We are looking for an overall average of at least 82% on the main lesson NOT the “building block” remedial lessons. This week the lessons are: Reading- Theme, Language Arts- Spelling, and Math- Multiplicative Comparisons.

In reading, we are continuing to focus on the literary standards by reading George Washington’s Socks. The students will be working on determining the theme of the story. We will also describe the characters, setting, and events in the story. In guided reading we are learning all about poetry, prose, and drama.

In language arts, we are learning about relative pronouns.

In math, we will continue to learn how to find the equivalent forms of fractions and decimals. We will also start multiplication of fractions.

In social studies, we will have our unit test of the American Revolutionary War on Thursday. Students are welcome to take home their books, Social Studies folders, etc. as long as they BRING THEM BACK the next day as we use these resources daily.

In science, we are learning about the physical attributes of stars in the night sky such as number, size, color, and patterns. We will compare the similarities and differences of planets to stars in appearance, position, and number in the sky. We will explain why the pattern of stars in a constellation stays the same, but a planet can be seen in different locations at different times. The students will identify how technology is used to observe distant objects in the sky.


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