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Posted on: September 7, 2014

Practice your multiplication facts and help feed the world!

Math Bingo:

Online flash cards:

Here are some helpful videos AND a great site -the Khan Academy-  that can help explain some of what we will be working on in math in the coming weeks (multiplication). Please check the site out- it’s great!

Khan Academy

Properties of Multiplication Videos:

Associative Property of Multiplication Khan

Communtative Property Khan Academy

Khan Academy Distributive Property

Area Models and Partial Products Videos:
2×1 multiplication area model classroom caboodle

multidigit multiplication Learnzillion

2×1 multiplication window pane strategy

AREA Model examples

3×1 Digit mulitplication using area models learnzillion

Area Model Vdieo Learnzillion

4×1 digit mulitiplication Learnzillion video

Singapore Multi-digit Multiplication

Singapore Multiplication Video

Area Models for 2 X 2 Digit Multiplication Videos:

2×2 digit area models learnzillion

2×2 digit area models

2×2 multiplication Area Model Khan Academy

2×2 Digit Multiplication Area Model


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