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Domain Specific Words:

Posted on: October 5, 2014

Dear Parents,

One of our standards is to learn domain specific words.  Domain specific words are important vocabulary words in the areas of science and social studies.  They are added to the weekly spelling list.  The students will copy the words into their content notebooks.  They are responsible for writing the words correctly.  They will use the science and social studies books to copy the definitions into their notebooks.  They will also write a sentence correctly using the word and draw an illustration.  Later in the day, we will go over the spelling words in the Words Their Way workbook.  I have the students number the first twelve words.  Those are the words that will be on the spelling test, along with the domain specific words.  Unlike the  Words Their Way spelling words, the students must spell the domain specific words correctly and identify the correct definition.  This provides a great review and preview of upcoming spelling words.


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