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The method we are using to teach division of larger numbers is called partial quotient. Rather than focusing on the steps for division, this strategy links back to place value and mental concepts of number values. The video below does a good job of explaining this method. The video starts by showing the traditional method that has been taught in years prior and then shows the partial product method. Though this video uses a larger divisor, I think the explanation is well organized.


These videos may also be helpful and use smaller numbers.



Because this is new for students and parents alike, I would suggest that once you have a handle on this method, try out some problems at home! Make it a family challenge and practice together to see who comes up with the answer first! This method seems very unfamiliar and different at first, but once you grasp it, it really is easier and faster! Also, I have found that students have a better understanding of what the answer means and can determine if the answer is reasonable.


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