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Posted on: January 12, 2015

Dear Parents,

WOW! It was great to see so many smiling faces on Monday morning. I missed all of my sweet students are the break. We have had a fantastic week of learning! Report cards were sent home on Friday. Congratulations to all of our honor roll students! I am so proud of each students hard work this nine weeks! Please look over the report card, sign the white signature card, and return it inside of the envelope. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

The fabulous fourth grade team has a lot of engaging activities planned for this nine weeks. The students will be transforming into famous historical figures for our fourth grade wax museum. Please mark your calendars and make plans to attend this exciting event.

All of the fourth grade students will be taking the Write Score Assessment this week. They will be given two reading passages to read and then respond to multiple choice questions, two constructed response questions and an essay prompt. This assessment is a wonderful practice for the Milestone Assessment later in the year. The students need to eat a healthy breakfast to fuel their brains. I can’t wait to see the students writing!

Important Dates:

Tuesday, January 13– Write Score Writing Assessment

Monday, January 19– Martin Luther King Jr. Day (no school)

Tuesday, January 20– History dress down fundraiser for 5th grade

Wednesday, January 21– Fourth grade wax museum

Friday, January 23– Movie Night

Monday, February 2nd-Friday, February 6th— Bookfair


We are diving deep into the Fourth Grade Curriculum!

Content Essential Question: How were the lives in the New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Southern Colonies a like and different?  What was colonial life like for various people, including large landowners, farmers, artisans, women, indentured servants, slaves, and Native Americans? The students will be “hired” by the Colonial Cartography Company (CCC) to create a map of the colonies.  They will be placed in learning groups to draft a map of the colonies. They will add important information about each of the colonies—New England, Middle, and Southern.  Their culminating project will be to create the clay map of the colonies.

Reading Essential Question: How do I determine the main idea of a passage?

What does a desk have to do with finding the main idea? Everything! We will compare a desk to the main idea. The large table top is the main idea. The legs support the main idea, just as supporting details support the main ideas that we read. The students will practice using a graphic organizer to determine the main idea and supporting details of a mentor text. Our current read aloud is The One and Only Ivan. You are welcome, but not required, to purchase this text for your child to read along in class.

Language Arts Essential Question: How do I write an expository essay to share information?

I hope you enjoyed reading your child’s opinion essays from the second nine weeks. I was amazed at all of the creativity from our young writers. I felt guilty for eating turkey at Thanksgiving! I will definitely find an alternative for our feast next year! We will be busy gearing up for the Write Score Assessment this week. After the assessment, your child will be working on researching their famous historical figure for the wax museum.

Math Essential Question: How do I compare fractions?

The students are working very hard to understand fractions. This week we will be comparing fractions using various representations including models and number lines.

Volunteer Opportunities:

I look forward to working with your family and like family, the door is always open to come and help. If you are able to help out in the classroom via volunteering in the class, help with materials (cutting out materials, gathering, assembling etc), room parent, or any other means of helping out in or out of the classroom please let me know.

It is my pleasure to serve your child, if you have any questions, please contact me at










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