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Posted on: February 23, 2015

Dear Parents,

Today begins the very first day of the PTA Spring fundraiser! Our school is having a fun run! The PTA is raising money to fund Classroom Assistance, PTA Events, Staff Appreciation and a ROCK CLIMBING WALL FOR THE GYM!  If we reach our goal, we will be able to purchase a Rock Climbing Wall for the Russell Gym dedicated to Coach Stewart. She has been teaching at Russell for over 25 years and has been battling cancer for the last 5. Coach continues to stay RUSSELL STRONG! This rock wall is her vision for the Russell community to continue the journey of good health and strong muscle growth. Please see the flyer that was sent home with your child in Friday folders. Thank you for any donations you are able to give.

Important Dates:

Monday, February 23– Six Flags reading logs are due to Mrs. Winsett

Tuesday, February 24– Chapter 9 retake

Friday, February 27– Fire Safety workbooks are due, Fire Safety test

Monday, March 2– Doughnuts for Dads

Tuesday, March 3– Bingo for Books & Star Lab in school field trip

Wednesday, March 11– STEM Career Day

Friday, March 13– Fundraiser Fun Run

Wednesday, March 18– Third nine weeks report cards go home

Friday, March 20– Last day for pledges

We are diving deep into the Fourth Grade Curriculum!

Content Essential Question(s): What are the causes, events, and results of the American Revolution?

We have been busy getting ready to fight the Revolution! The students are learning the causes that led to the Revolution which include The French and Indian War, British Imperial Policy, The Stamp Act, the slogan, “no taxation without representation,” the activities of the Sons (and daughters) of Liberty, as well as the Boston Tea Party. On Friday, we reenacted what it would be like to be a colonist during this time. The students were taxed by parliament and the King.   They had to give the tax collectors money (Skittles) for each tax. They felt this practice was very unfair and ended the demonstration with the cry, “No taxation without representation!”

Reading Essential Question: How do I determine the meaning of an unknown word within a phrase or a paragraph?

Text book writers usually know when they must use a word that will be new to their student readers. So they often include other words or phrases to help with the understanding of the new word. These words or phrases are referred to as context clues. They are built into the sentences around the difficult word. If you become more aware of the words around the difficult words you encounter in your reading, you will save yourself many trips to the dictionary. You will be able to make logical guesses about the meanings of many words. We will learn different strategies to help us utilize the context clues that are found in various texts.

Language Arts Essential Question: How do compare the themes and topics across various cultures?

Ms. Davis, our reading coach, came into our class last week to introduce the essential questions. The students read one legend and wrote the important concepts into a graphic organizer. They met with their peers to learn about the other legends. This week, we will be learning how to write a comparison essay. We will focus on how to introduce and conclude the essay. The students will continue this week to revise and edit their essays. We will have our authors café on Friday to celebrate our wonderful work.

Math Essential Question: How do I use decimal notation for fractions with denominators of 10 and 100? How do I compare two decimals to the hundredths place?

This week, the students will learn how to find decimal equivalents for fractions with 10 and 100 as denominators. Later in the week, we will learn how to compare decimals by place value.

Volunteer Opportunities:

I look forward to working with your family and like family, the door is always open to come and help. If you are able to help out in the classroom via volunteering in the class, help with materials (cutting out materials, gathering, assembling etc), room parent, or any other means of helping out in or out of the classroom please let me know.

It is my pleasure to serve your child, if you have any questions, please contact me at



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