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Fantastic First Week!

Posted on: August 9, 2015

August 9, 2015

Dear Parents,

Our class had a fantastic first week!!!  🙂  We enjoyed learning about each other through games and team building activities. The students were given the opportunity to work together to save Fred the worm. I was impressed with the respectful behavior the students exhibited towards their peers! Scroll down to check out the pictures! I enjoyed learning about each of the students and their families on Friday with the “What’s in Your Bag?” activity. I am looking forward to building a collaborative partnership with each of you this year! Please mark your calendars for open house on Thursday, August 20th at 6:00. I can’t wait to share important information for a successful school year!

The students will have their first spelling test on Friday. They will be given their words (sort 1) on Monday morning. I can’t believe we are wrapping up our first math unit. The students will be given a study guide on Monday. I am planning on giving the chapter 1 math test on this Friday.

Important dates:

Friday, August 14th— Spelling Test and Chapter 1 math test

Thursday, August 20–  Open House 6:00p.m.

Friday, August 21–  Picture Day (pre-pay)

Thursday, August 27–  Space Team applications will be handed out.

Thursday, September 3– Parent Teacher Social

Monday, September 7– Labor Day

We are diving deep into the Fourth Grade!


Essential Question: What are the different forms of water that are found in the water cycle?

We are thrilled to be implementing the Engineering Is Elementary (EIE) curriculum. The students will be applying STEM concepts through learning about technology, engineers, and water pollution. The culminating activity will result in the students using the engineering design process to create a water filtration system. We will also be plugging the water cycle into our unit.


Essential Question: How can I refer to details and examples in the text?

This week we have been working on our rituals and routines for readers workshop. We have been practicing coming to the “carpet” to read A Long Walk to Water. The following is a brief summary of the book. The characters, Salva and Nya have difficult paths to walk in life. Salva’s journey, based on a true story, begins in 1985 with an explosion. The boy’s small village in Sudan erupts into chaos while the 11-year-old is in school, and the teacher tells the children to run away. Salva leaves his family and all that is familiar and begins to walk. Sometimes he walks alone and sometimes there are others. They are walking toward a refugee camp in Ethiopia, toward perceived safety. However, the camp provides only temporary shelter from the violent political storm.

The students are practicing going back to their desks and reading independently to build their own reading stamina. Next week we will start our reading assessment to differentiate instruction. The students will learn and apply the UNRAAVEL reading strategy. Ask your child to sing the UNRAAVEL song to you!

Language Arts:

Essential Question: How can I write a response using a prompt?

I am excited to implement the Lucy Calkins Units of Study this year! The students have been working hard on their initial writing prompts. I can’t to see their growth as writers! The students will also be taking a pre-assessment in grammar. We will be learning grammar through the Shurley English program.


Essential Question: How can a digit in one place value represent ten times what it represents to the right?

We have hit the ground running in math! This past week we reviewed place value, introduced the powers of ten, compared and rounded numbers, whew! Please make sure your child is fluent in multiplication facts 0-12. We will be working on multiplication of multi-digit numbers very soon!

Volunteer Opportunities:

I look forward to working with your family and like family, the door is always open to come and help. If you are able to help out in the classroom via volunteering in the class, help with materials (cutting out materials, gathering, assembling etc), room parent, or any other means of helping out in or out of the classroom please let me know.

It is my pleasure to serve your child, if you have any questions, please contact me at


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