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The Space Team applications will go home on Friday.  They are due on September 9 by the end of the school day.  Mr. Laster will be staying after school on Tuesday, September 6 to help students complete the essay and the application. They do not have to stay for this to complete the application.  He is staying for anyone who would like help.  The application can also be downloaded from the team website at

Please make every effort to look through the papers in your child’s communication folder (Friday folder) and initial the behavior chart on the inside.  The folder should be returned each Monday.  Thank you for your help in making your child successful this year!  🙂

Dear Parents,

Picture day will be on Friday, August 19.  The students will not be required to wear their uniforms on picture day.


Dear Parents,

Your child will be taking domain specific words quizzes throughout the year.  These quizzes serve as a preview or review for our science and social studies vocabulary.  The students will be responsible for copying the words from board on Monday morning.  They will write the definition, illustrate a picture, and craft an original sentence for each domain word.  The words along with the activities will be due on the following Tuesday.  Depending on the week, the students may have one or two weeks to study.  Two grades will stem from the domain words quiz- spelling and content (science or social studies).  Your child will write the quiz in his or her agenda.

The students were responsible for writing their domain specific words for week one in class today.  They will have the weekend and next week to prepare for the test on Friday August 12, 2016.

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